40 Simple Animal Crafts Kids Will Love

Crafting is a wonderful way for kids to explore their creative side and to learn meaningful skills... in a fun way. It's especially effective when the crafts are cute and enjoyable to play with after they are made. Today, I am sharing 40 simple animal crafts that kids will LOVE!

In no particular order, here are the links to 40 fabulous animal crafts

Make sure to click the links for more information, step-by-step instructions, and free printable templates.

33) Snakes

34) Shark

40) Zebras

Aren't these animal crafts adorable? They are all simple to make, and you can create them with really basic craft supplies. When it comes to kids, crafts don't need to be complicated to be educational and fun. Happy crafting!

Gina Bell
 (aka East Coast Mommy)

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