10 Simple Crafts Teens and Tweens will Love

Age appropriate crafts are a great way to get kids to exercise their creativity... and to get away from their screens. Younger children are happy with simple crafts with basic materials, but older kids prefer more sophisticated materials and projects. Today, I am sharing 10 fantastic crafts for tweens and teens.

1) Branch and yarn photo holder - What starts with a trek through the woods collecting branches, turns into a fun piece of bedroom decor. Wrap a stick with yarn, tie on a yarn hanger, use hot glue to attach two clothespins, and hang a favourite photo.

2) Felt finger puppets - Felt is a perfect material for young people learning to sew. It is cheap and super-easy to work with. Making finger puppets is wonderful sewing projects for beginners. They can be given as gifts or donated to a children's hospital! You can find a full tutorial for making felt finger puppets here.

3) Painted rocks - Painted rocks are fantastic because the materials are inexpensive, and the design possibilities are endless. They are fun for decorating a garden or leaving on a trail for strangers to find and enjoy. You can find a beginner's guide to painted rocks here.

4) God's Eye Crafts - This simple weaved ornament is the perfect summer craft. Who hasn't made one of these "camp" crafts? You can make them with yarn and popsicle sticks (or twigs). You can find the full step by step instructions here.

5) Pom pom crafts - Pom poms are a simple yarn craft with several possibilities for further crafting. Pom poms can be played with "as is" or they can be turned into yarn animals, wreaths, flowers, and more. Find the step by step instructions for crafting pom poms here.

6) No sew bag from a jersey or t-shirt - Old t-shirts that are destined for the donation bin can easily be turned into "no sew" bags. Find the full step by step instructions for crafting your own bag from a jersey or t-shirt here.

7) Toilet roll weaving - Toilet roll weaving is simple... and totally addictive. You can use a toilet roll, yarn and popsicle sticks to weave a snake, necklace, bracelet or rug. Once you start this fun craft project, you won't be able to stop. You can find the step by step tutorial for toilet roll weaving here.

8) Tassel bookmarks - Paper bookmarks are fun, but bookmarks with easy-to-make yarn tassels are even better. Find the full step by step instructions for creating these cute bookmarks here.

9) 3D handprint art - Simple handprint artwork can be created with only paper and markers. You can find the step by step instructions here.

10) Simple beaded key chain - Dollar store beads can be strung and attached to key rings to create a variety of beaded key chains. You can also add words and messages to wooden beads with a Sharpie. Make a bunch of these to hang from backpacks or give as gifts.

How much fun are all these projects?

Do you have tweens and teens that like to craft? Do you have a favourite project to share? Did one of mine make your list?

Happy crafting!

Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)

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