Hockey Mom HACKS (decor, parties, crafts, advice, and more!)

As a mom to three boys that eat, sleep, and breath hockey, I have learned a couple of useful hockey tips and tricks over the years. Today, I am sharing some of my favourite hockey mom HACKS.

1) Hockey Decor - If you have hockey fans living in your home, they are going to want to fill their spaces with hockey decor. Check out my boys shared hockey room here. I love that it reflects my boys and their love for hockey, but it's still stylish and not overdone.

2) DIY Hockey Artwork - I love the idea of creating DIY artwork, and I have created a few DIY hockey projects over the years. Check out the hockey stick name art, jersey canvas paintings, hockey card quote artwork, and hockey prints that my boys and I have made. Pretty special, right?

3) Hockey Advice - I'm not an expert, but I have had three boys in hockey for many years... and I've learned a few lessons along the way. Click the links to check out my tips for new hockey moms and my "perspective" advice for hockey parents.

4) Hockey FoodI'm not a nutritionist or an expert on feeding high performance athletes, but I am a mom of three very active boys who are always moving and constantly hungry. Generally, I try to feed my boys a healthy and balanced diet, and on game days we stay away from high fat and fried foods. This often means having "easy to grab" snacks in the fridge and packing a cooler when we are on the road. 

You can find a few of our favourite lunch and snack ideas here. I also highly recommend buying a few banana cases. Bananas are a great nutritious and inexpensive pre-game snack, and they travel really well in these plastic cases. I love them!

5) Hockey Travel Tips - When travelling, always pack a cooler.  It will save you money, and it will help you to eat better too. Other fantastic items to pack are: 

  • babywipes (great for cleaning up on the go)
  • ziploc bags (perfect for packing snacks, separating wet clothes, and filling with ice for makeshift ice packs)
  • laundry dryer sheets or air freshener (which is wonderful for combating hockey stink in the hotel room)
  • clothespins (for closing hotel room curtains and keeping the light out at the crack of dawn)
  • cards (useful for occupying kids between games when they need a little downtime)

6) Hockey Valentines - Every occasion for a hockey fan has a bit of a "hockey" spin. The cute Valentines you can find here fit the bill perfectly!

7) Hockey Christmas Ideas - In a house of hockey fans, even Christmas has a bit of a "hockey" spin. Check out our favourite holiday hockey hacks here.

8) Halloween for Hockey Fans - Every hockey fan needs a hockey pumpkin on October 31. Pretty cute, right?

9) Simple Coach Gift - Coaches are special people that volunteer a lot of their time to help our kids. I love the simple "thank you" gift idea you can find here. (Free tags included.)

10) Hockey Tape Organizer - This is a simple idea, but you'll be glad you tried it. No more searching for tape before the big game!

11) Simple Hockey Decor - This simple DIY hockey wreath is perfect for Canada Day, but it is wonderful for other times of year as well. Find the full "how to" here.

12) Hockey Parties - If you have a hockey fan, the odds are good that at some point you will be hosting a hockey party. I have some fantastic ideas for DIY hockey food, decor, activities, and more here. I also have a fun idea for hockey party favors or team treats (with free printable tags) here.

Are you a hockey mom or dad? What is best / most useful tip? I'd love a few new ideas!

 (aka East Coast Mommy)

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