Indoor Winter Fun... hot chocolate and new product taste testing

We recently had a couple of snow days (days off from school due to a winter storm). When the snow flies, my boys love playing outside, but when temperatures get really low, there comes a point when they come inside to warm up... and it's always fun to have a fun activity and treat waiting for them. I love the idea of setting up a hot chocolate and cookie testing station, don't you?

While the kids were out sledding, I set up a little hot chocolate bar using mason jars. I had hot chocolate, marshmallows, a kettle of hot water, and some Hershey kisses to add a little more chocolaty goodness. I also laid out a few NEW products I found at the grocery store earlier in the week. (Any new and interesting products would work, but these are the ones that caught my eye.)

When the kids came inside, they set to work making their own hot chocolates. Everyone customized their beverage to their liking. 

Then, we got to work trying the new cookies I bought.

Each new product got a thumbs up or a thumbs down... and then they picked a winner.

Fun, right? 

Check out this little video we made.

I love the idea of "taste testing" as a fun indoor winter activity. It would be fun to use healthy food too. I might even work in a cooking lesson with our "tasting party" some day soon. What do you think?

 (aka East Coast Mommy)

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post. These are just a couple of new products I picked up for my kids and their friend to try... and they were a hit. 😄

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