Getting Ready for Summer (with some great new clothes from Gongshow Gear)

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My boys love all sports, but hockey definitely holds a special place in their hearts. So, it's not surprising that they are big fans of Gongshow Gear clothing, and they are always anxiously awaiting new additions to their website. Recently, Gongshow Gear released their Spring / Summer line, and my boys jumped at the chance to check it out. I'm sharing their favourites below.

My boys love hockey, but in the off season, golf becomes their passion... so when my boys were choosing their favourites, there were a lot of "rinks to links" selections.

My oldest son selected the white tee one up golf hat. It's a great looking hat that comes with a ball marker clip and a spot for a tee.

My oldest also selected the rep the leaf t-shirt. I really love how crisp and clean it looks.

My middle son also chose the tee one up golf hat, but he selected the black one. He also picked out the lights camera puck drop t-shirt. The black hat looks fantastic with the black t-shirt.

My youngest son loves golf too, but as a goalie, he couldn't resist selecting the tenders rock jr t-shirt. He also chose the palm-cool collected hat. I love the way the junior hats fit his head.

My boys are really pleased with their new clothes, and I love them too.

Are you ready for the transition from winter to Spring / Summer? If you are looking for a few new quality pieces for your hockey fan, I highly recommend checking out the new Gongshow line.

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

*Disclosure - I was given GONGSHOW products for free in exchange for my honest review and promotion of the products. As always, the views expressed on this blog are 100% my own... and my boys genuinely loved everything they received.

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Wayfair Planter made from Dollar Store Supplies... and I saved over $130!

As a DIYer (and a budget conscious mom), I always see things in stores and think "I could make that for a lot less". Do you do this too? So, recently when I saw a cute planter online, I challenged myself to make it using dollar store materials... and it turned out great! Check out how I made a high-end Wayfair planter using dollar store supplies.

This is the Wayfair version for $141.99...

And here is the one I made for $10 using dollar store supplies. Pretty great, eh?

Here's what you need for my version. (All these supplies came from the dollar store.) A package of stir sticks (4 for $2... but I only used half the sticks... so $1 worth), a dollar store tin planter ($4). a bird house with a tin roof ($4), and miscellaneous supplies you like already have on hand (like glue and paint and a bit of moss, if desired). I allowed $1 for miscellaneous... but even if you had to buy some paint and glue... this DIY version is a lot cheap than the store-bought one.

And here's how you make it:

1) Cut one of the stir sticks for the "Blooming" sign. (Mine was about 7 inches.) A small hand saw would be great, but I couldn't find mine, so I used an exacto knife, and I smoothed the edges with a nail file. Whatever works! lol

2) Use an x-Acto knife or small hand saw to cut out a notch (the width of the paint stick) in the base of the birdhouse.

3) Paint the birdhouse, the paint stick, and the piece you cut from the paint stick. (I used white chalk paint, but any paint would work.) You can also apply a sealant if you are going to be putting it outside, but mine is going under a covered porch, so I didn't bother.

4) Dry brush with a bit of grey paint if you want a more "aged" look.

5) Use a combination of hot glue and wood glue to attach the paint stick to the base of the bird house AND to attach the piece of the small stir stick the big stir stick.

6) Use a Cricut, a paint marker, or dollar store stickers to add the word "Blooming" to the small stir stick.

7) Use hot glue to attach the stir stick to the planter, and reinforce with duct tape.

8) I added some dollar store moss to the base of the bird house... but this is totally optional. The one at Wayfair was plain, but I thought a bit of moss added to the rustic look.

For a closer look, take a look at this video I made...

I plan to plant flowers in my new planter, but since it's still early in the season, I inserted some craft form and stuck in some artificial greenery. It looks super-cute on my covered porch.

What do you think? I know it is not exactly like the $141.99 planter I was inspired by, but I think it's a pretty good "copy" for only $10.

Let me know if you make one. I'd love to see your version!

Gina Bell
 (aka East Coast Mommy)

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Simple Handmade Mother's Day Gift... with free downloadable print

There is nothing better than a handmade gift from a child on Mother's Day, and I've got a super-cute one for you today. Young kids will love it, but it's perfect for older kids too. I'm even sharing a FREE picture you can download. Check out all the details of the simple button frame for Mother's Day below.

I started with this dollar store frame I had leftover from Easter, but you can use any frame you have. For my frame, I got rid of the little balls inside the frame, and I used nail polish remove to get rid of the words on the glass.

Then, I printed the picture I designed, cut it to fit, and popped it in my frame.

You can put anything you want in the frame, but if you want to use the print I designed: click on the picture below, right-click, save it to your computer, and print it like a regular 4x6 photo.

Then, use hot glue to attach the buttons to the frame. (If little children are making this, use a good quality white glue, and leave lots of time to let it dry completely.)

Isn't it cute? I love the "Moms are like buttons... they hold everything together." saying, don't you?

This would be a fun project using a frame made of popsicle sticks too. Or you could use the print I designed to make a card or a magnet for the fridge. It's really up to you!

What mom wouldn't love this handmade frame? And, let's be honest... moms really do hold everything together! 😀

Gina Bell
 (aka East Coast Mommy)

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DIY Boho Yarn Wreath

I love inexpensive Spring decor, and I'm really loving the new "Boho" wreaths I am seeing all over Pinterest. I'm always looking for new, budget-friendly ways to add colour to my home this time of year, so making a DIY Boho Spring Wreath has been on my "to do" list for weeks. I finally got around to making one, and when you see how easy these wreaths are to make, you are going to immediately hop in your car to get the supplies you need. 😀

Start by getting the supplies you need: yarn in Spring colours, clear hair elastics, a wire wreath frame, and twine.


1) Wrap a wire wreath frame with twine (securing periodically with hot glue).

2) Wrap yarn around a piece of cardboard (the length that you want your hanging to be). My cardboard was 20 inches, and I wrapped it around 15 times.

3) Cut one end of the wrapped yarn and hang the strands over the wreath frame, securing with a clear elastic. (You can also tie a piece of yarn around the elastic to cover the elastic to make it stronger and hide the elastic.)

4) Trim the bottom of the yarn with sharp scissors.

Embellish the top of the frame with pom poms. (I tied mine on, and then secured with hot glue.)

Note: If you have never made pom pom befores, you can check out the video here.

That's it! I just love how it turned out. Don't you?

You can add extra elastics to create unique patterns too.

I love a good DIY piece of home decor, and I love that you can customize this Boho yarn wreath using whatever colour yarn you desire. What colours will you use to make your own unique piece of Spring decor?

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

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5 (high end) Dollar Store DIYs for Spring

I love adding seasonal decor to my home... and I really enjoy when I can get a high-end look inexpensively. Today, I am sharing FIVE fantastic Spring DIYs (using dollar store supplies) that you are going to love!

1) DIY Dollar Store Pictures - I designed this adorable print that works well as an 8x10 and a 5x7. You can download the print I designed (for free) here. Then, pop the print in a dollar store frame, and embellish it with whatever you like. It's THAT easy!!!

2) Dollar Store Decorated Tiered Tray - An inexpensive tiered tray can look expensive if you dress it up with carefully selected and handcrafted dollar store items.

On the bottom level, I placed a dollar store lavender plant (in a cement pot) and a little bottle that I found at the dollar store. I filled the bottle with dollar store buttons in Spring colours, and I added a lace embellishment to the bottle cap.

On the middle level, I used some beads that I had in my craft stash, and I added a succulent in a cement bought (that I found at the dollar store).

On the top level, I used a ball of greenery that I found in the floral section of the dollar store. Then, I added a birdhouse that I crafted. I painted a dollar store wooden birdhouse with blue paint, and I covered the roof with wood grain contact paper (which also came from the dollar store).

3) Dollar Store Candy Display - A candy tray adds a bit of whimsey and fun to Spring decor... and it's easy and inexpensive to make. Start by placing a piece of scrapbook paper in a dollar store frame. Then add some candy to dollar store jars. I also added a bottle covered in twine filled with pom pom flowers. It's simple, but it's a lot of fun!

4) Dollar Store Umbrella Wreath - This piece of decor takes less than 5 minutes to put together, and it's the perfect wreath to hang on your front door for Spring. Fill a child's umbrella with dollar store flowers, tie with a ribbon, and it's ready to hang.

5) Dollar Store Spring Flower Display - Spring is synomous with "new blooms", so this dollar store flower arrangement is fantastic. Start with a dollar store tin container, insert a piece of floral foam, cover the foam with dollar store moss, and insert dollar store flowers. Cute, right?!?

This DIY planter (made using dollar store supplies) is fun too. I made it for LESS than $10, and you can get the easy "how to" here.

For another look at these projects (and a bit more explanation), check out the video I made for you (below).

Which of these dollar store DIYs for Spring is your favourite? I love them all... but the candy tray is definitely my boys' favourite!

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

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