DIY Boho Yarn Wreath

I love inexpensive Spring decor, and I'm really loving the new "Boho" wreaths I am seeing all over Pinterest. I'm always looking for new, budget-friendly ways to add colour to my home this time of year, so making a DIY Boho Spring Wreath has been on my "to do" list for weeks. I finally got around to making one, and when you see how easy these wreaths are to make, you are going to immediately hop in your car to get the supplies you need. 😀

Start by getting the supplies you need: yarn in Spring colours, clear hair elastics, a wire wreath frame, and twine.


1) Wrap a wire wreath frame with twine (securing periodically with hot glue).

2) Wrap yarn around a piece of cardboard (the length that you want your hanging to be). My cardboard was 20 inches, and I wrapped it around 15 times.

3) Cut one end of the wrapped yarn and hang the strands over the wreath frame, securing with a clear elastic. (You can also tie a piece of yarn around the elastic to cover the elastic to make it stronger and hide the elastic.)

4) Trim the bottom of the yarn with sharp scissors.

Embellish the top of the frame with pom poms. (I tied mine on, and then secured with hot glue.)

Note: If you have never made pom pom befores, you can check out the video here.

That's it! I just love how it turned out. Don't you?

You can add extra elastics to create unique patterns too.

I love a good DIY piece of home decor, and I love that you can customize this Boho yarn wreath using whatever colour yarn you desire. What colours will you use to make your own unique piece of Spring decor?

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

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