NERF Party Games and Activities

My boys love having NERF gun battles, so when it came to picking a party theme for my two youngest boys, it didn't require a lot of discussion. My 10 year old requested an "epic NERF battle", and my 8 year old wanted a "target shooting area". Today, I am sharing the details of all our super-fun NERF party games and activities.

Before the battle started, the kids applied their war paint.

Then, to ensure that everyone was safe, I made them all put on safety glasses.

Then, I set up a NERF gun battlefield. I spray painted some boxes with camo spray paint, I made some obstacles out of mats, I added some pop up tents we had a home, and blew up some orange and blue balloons.

The kids spent most of the party having their battle, but they took out a little time for some of the other games and activities too.

I created a DIY prize punch that they could shoot with their NERF guns. When they hit a prize, they got to keep it.

I also had a "guess the number of candies" station. The kids all made guesses, and the child that guessed closest got to keep the jar of blue and orange jelly beans.

I also made some fantastic shooting target games for the kids. 

To make a spinning target (see photo):

1) Cut four squares from a cardboard tri-fold. (I got mine at the dollar store.) Then, trim the squares in duct tape to make it look more colourful and neat.
2) Turn the four squares into round targets, and decorate with markers.
3) Tape a paper straw and coin to the back of the circles (for weight).
4) Insert a skewer through the straw, and tape the two ends to the tri-fold.

I also stacked plastic cups with army men, and converted another tri-fold by cutting out a rectangle and hanging plastic cups.

All of the NERF party games and activities we had at our party were easy and inexpensive to put together, and the kids all had a fantastic time. If you have a NERF gun fan in your house, you should give them a try!

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

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  1. Great ideas !! I was looking for nerf gun party for my son in Connecticut thank u !


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