Movie Treat Boxes... made from recycled cereal boxes

In our house, we try to have family movie night every Friday night. It's a highlight of our week where all electronics are banned and we cuddle up on the couch together. It's also a night where we indulge in some movie night treats... because what's a movie night without popcorn, right? But popcorn (and kids) can be messy, so the movie treat boxes I am sharing today are perfect for movie night!

The best part about these movie treat boxes is that they are made from old cereal boxes, and they are reusable. To make your own movie night treat boxes:

1) Cut the top off of a cereal box.

2) Use shelf liner to cover the bottom of the box. (I purchased a big roll at the dollar store. Cut the liner to the right size first, and then slowly insert it and smooth it out.)

3) Apply duct tape to the inside and outside sides of the box.

Isn't this a great idea?

I love that these movie night treat boxes are easy to make and use simple dollar store supplies. They'd be perfect for a movie-themed party too! It's always fun when you can add simple and inexpensive DIY details to parties. If you decide to make a tray or two, let me know how it goes. I plan on make a bunch for our next movie party.

Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)


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