High-end Farmhouse EASTER Decor... using a free printable and dollar store supplies

 I love decorating for the holidays, and it's super-fun to craft my own inexpensive decor. For Easter, I was inspired to create some high-end farmhouse Easter decor using items I found at the dollar store. Today, I'm sharing my creations with you, AND I'm giving you the printable signs for FREE.

This is the first one I made. Cute, right?

I was inspired by this inexpensive wooden frame and these adorable little carrots that I found at my local Dollarama.

I started by designing this simple printable sign. 

You can print yours (for free) by: clicking on the picture below, right-clicking, saving it to your computer, and printing it like a regular 8x10 photo.

Then, to make the sign, pop the picture into the frame, and use hot glue to attach the carrots. Seriously... it doesn't get much easier than that!

And, in case you aren't able to find the carrots that I used, you can print the sign with the carrots already included (below).

To print this version of the sign: click on the picture below, right-click, save it to your computer, and print it like a regular 8x10 photo.

After you print it, just pop it into a dollar store frame, and it's ready to display.

I love both of these pictures because they are perfect for Easter... but they are generic enough that you could display them earlier if you wanted to. 

What do you think?

Gina Bell
 (aka East Coast Mommy)

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8 Hot Chocolate Bars that are Easy, Inexpensive and Fun

Hot chocolate bars are wonderful any time of year (when there is a bit of a chill in the air). I love them for holiday celebrations and for simple afternoons at home. Today, I am sharing 8 of my favourite DIY hot chocolate bars that are easy, inexpensive, and fun... and I've got some freebies too!

1) Snow Day Hot Chocolate Bar - This little hot chocolate bar is charming and perfect for a sledding party or a snow day at home. The little cups are adorable, and you can download the sign (for free) here.

2) Portable Hot Chocolate Bar - Sometimes it's too much fun outside to come inside for a warm drink. Keep the outdoor party going with this portable hot chocolate bar. You can find all the fun details here.

3) Christmas Hot Chocolate Bar - This jingle bell hot chocolate bar is perfect for the Christmas season... and what goes better with hot chocolate than peppermint? Find all the DIY details for a simple Christmas hot chocolate bar here.

4) Hot Chocolate Tasting Bar - Sometimes the most simple activities can be the most fun, and my boys loved when... I made them hot chocolate, we tested new products, and we rated our findings. Check out how easy it is to set up a hot chocolate tasting bar here.

5) Valentine's Day Hot Chocolate Bar - A Valentine's Day hot chocolate bar is easy to put together using mason jars and other dollar store supplies. Make it extra special by crafting this festive vase and sock gnome. Find all the info you need here.

6) St. Patrick's Day Bar - This hot chocolate bar is the perfect thing to serve at a St.Patrick's Day celebration. It's made using dollar store supplies, and the mason jar pot of gold is adorable! Find the full "how to" here.

7) Easter Bunny Bar - This bunny bar is the ultimate seasonal hot chocolate bar... in terms of both taste and decor. The easter egg nest cookies are an annual favourite in my house, and the DIY sock bunnies are too cute for words. I've also designed a free printable you can display with your goodies. Find the free printable, the recipe for the cookies, and the craft instructions here.

8) Simple hot chocolate cookie tray - If you want a simple treat that isn't much work, a charcuterie board filled with cookies is the way to go. I like to have a variety of cookies in my freezer and pantry ready to pop on a tray on a cold winter afternoon. Find some of my favourite sweet treat recipes here.

Isn't hot chocolate a great way to warm up? I love having a festive hot chocolate bar ready to go!

Have you ever set up a hot chocolate bar? I hope you are inspired by one of the eight that I shared today. Let me know your favourite in the comments below. Stay warm! 😃

Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)

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30+ free printable DIY Valentines

Store-bought Valentines are fine, but homemade Valentines are definitely more heartfelt and fun. Over the years, I have designed many unique DIY Valentines, and today, I am sharing my favourites with you. There is something for every age and interest in this blog post... and there are many fantastic "non-candy" ideas that are perfect for class parties. Take a look and let me know which DIY Valentine is your favourite.

1) Chips Valentine - If your sweetheart prefers salty over sweet, this is the perfect option for you you. Download the tags for free here.

2) Super Hero Valentine - If you are looking for a fun option that is 100% sugar free, check out this DIY super hero valentine here.

3) Socks Valentine - Practical, fun, and 100% sugar-free, this sock Valentine is the perfect fit. Download the adorable tags for free here.

4) Book Valentine - The BEST Valentine for the book lover in your life. Download the tags for free here.

5) Hockey Valentine - Sports fans will love this unique option. Get all the instructions here.

6) Bubbles Valentine - This simple candy-free option makes the perfect class treat. Download the tags for free here.

7) Teddy Bear Valentine - Kids love stuffed animals in all shapes in sizes, so they make perfect Valentines. Download the tags for free here.

8) Airplane Valentine - Sometimes toys make the perfect Valentine, and these airplane valentines are adorable. Download the tags for free here.

9) Star Wars Treat Valentine - Star Wars fans will love these Star Wars treats and the free printable tags you can find here.

10) Star Wars Glow Stick Valentine - Glow sticks are fun and sugar free. Find the perfect "how to" for a Star Wars valentine here.

11) Sucker Valentine - A sweet face and a sweet treat combine to make this adorable DIY Valentine. Find the instructions here.

12) Stretchy Frog Valentine - A dollar store frog makes a fun punny Valentine when it is paired with the cute tag you can find here.

13) Bear Crackers Valentine - Teddy bear crackers are great for younger kids, and this little Valentine is adorable. Download the tags for free here.

14) Bookmark Valentine - DIY bookmarks make wonderful class Valentines. Find the details here.

15) Minions Valentine (or this finger puppet version) - Despicable Me lovers will adore this sweet DIY Valentine option. Find the instructions and free printable tags here.

16) Homemade Fortune Cookies Valentine - Who doesn't love a shortcut, and this is a great one! Find the "recipe" and free printable tags here.

17) Crayon Valentine - Old, broken crayons are transformed into the a colourful Valentine with the instructions and free printable tags you can find here.

18) Pencil Valentine - It doesn't get easier than this! Get the free printable, "You've got the WRITE stuff" tags here.

19) Teacher Valentine - Teachers need Valentines too... and a sweet treat makes the perfect gift. Download the "Sweet treat for a sweet teacher" tags here.

20) Harry Potter Valentine - Harry Potter fans will love this magical Valentine. Find the full "how to" here.

21) Cookie Cutter Valentine - Sharing your favourite recipe with a cute cookie cutter is a fantastic idea for Valentine's Day. Find the details and my favourite recipe here.

22) Punny Photo Valentines - What could be more personal than a photo? I love these punny Valentines, don't you? Find the details here.

23) Ball Valentine - Dollar store balls make fun and playful Valentines. They are a great candy-free class Valentine option. Download the "I hope you have a ball" tags here.

24) Dinosaur Valentine - This dollar store trinket makes a wonderful Valentine for dinosaur loving kids. Download the free printable tags here.

25) Gumball Valentine - These simple gumball Valentines are cheerful and fun. The colourful gumballs and tags are super-cute. Download the tags for free here.

26) Glasses Valentine - With spring around the corner, sunglasses make SPECtacular Valentines. Download the cute tags I designed here.

27) Car Valentine - As a mom of three boys, little cars and things that move have always been popular in my house. Check out this cute Valentine and free printable tags here.

28) Funny Valentine - Are you sentimental, or is humour more your thing? I think this is a great Valentine for a spouse, family member or co-worker. Download it for free here

29) Simple Donut Valentine - Donuts... need I say more? You are going to love the sweet options and free printable tags here.

30) Donut Valentine Bouquet with FREE printable tags - I know a lot of people that would prefer donuts to flowers... and you won't believe how easy it is to make a donut bouquet. You can find the instructions and free printable tags here.

31) Valentine Arrows - The way to my heart is definitely through my stomach. Are you with me? If you have a sweetheart with a sweet tooth, you are going to want to check out the Valentine arrow instructions and free printable tags here.

There are some fun ideas in this video too!

There really is a DIY for every age and taste on this list. What type of Valentine are you sharing this year? I hope you've been inspired by one of the free printable Valentine options on this list.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

 (aka East Coast Mommy)

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