Easy and Inexpensive EASTER Ideas

Easter is a wonderful time for treats, crafts, and making memories. As a busy mom, I always want to create holiday magic for my family and friends, but I don't want to spend a lot of time and money doing it. So, today I am sharing over 50 EASY and INEXPENSIVE Easter ideas that are guaranteed to make Easter a wonderful holiday in your home.

Click on the titles for links to the details about each project.

(upgraded using dollar store supplies)

Easter Prize punch 
(made from inexpensive dollar store supplies)

(made from dollar store supplies... in less than 5 minutes)

This Bunny Bar is cute too... and you can download a 
FREE printable "Bunny Bar" sign here.

These are awesome ideas for high end decor on budget!


  1. Okay the Easter Wreath is super cute! Been looking to make one of my own so thanks for the idea. I may put a Easter quote on it as well. I found a place that has a bunch of good Easter riddles on it that I may get my idea from. I'll share it here with you: Easter Riddles

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