Easy and Inexpensive EASTER Ideas

Easter is a wonderful time for treats, crafts, and making memories. As a busy mom, I always want to create holiday magic for my boys, but I don't want to spend a lot of time and money doing it. So, today I am sharing over 25 EASY and INEXPENSIVE Easter ideas that are guaranteed to make Easter a wonderful family holiday in your home.

Easter Prize punch (made from inexpensive dollar store supplies)

Bunny Bar (made from dollar store supplies... in less than 5 minutes)

This Bunny Bar is cute too... and you can download a FREE printable "Bunny Bar" sign here.

Check out more FREE Easter printables here (links below)

"Egging" the Neighbours Gift Tag (version 1) & (version 2)

Check out these Easy Easter Treats (links below) 

Check out these other fun and simple Easter ideas (links included below):


  1. Okay the Easter Wreath is super cute! Been looking to make one of my own so thanks for the idea. I may put a Easter quote on it as well. I found a place that has a bunch of good Easter riddles on it that I may get my idea from. I'll share it here with you: Easter Riddles

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