5 Simple APRIL FOOL'S DAY Pranks

I'm not big on "pranks", but I do find it fun to do something simple and silly for the kids on April Fool's Day. Today, I am sharing 5 April Fool's Day pranks that are easy for parents and are guaranteed to delight little ones.

Check out these adorable April Fool's Day jokes for kids:

1) Make a pan of "Brown Es" -- Who can resist a pan of fresh-from-the-oven brownies? Set a pan of "brown Es" on the counter covered with tin foil. When the kids try and sneak one, they will get a funny surprise!

2) Set up a "Cereal Surprise" -- Before the kids come to the breakfast table, put a couple of drops of food colouring at the bottom of a bowl. Then, cover the food colouring with cereal. When the milk is poured into the bowl, it will change colour, and the child will get a delightful surprise!

3) Package up some donut seeds -- Who wouldn't want donuts for breakfast? Package up some Cheerios with the fun tag you can download for free here. Maybe you can even convince your little one to plant them. If not, you'll still have a simple and fun April Fool's Day breakfast.

4) Serve a fake grilled cheese sandwich -- Cake for lunch is fun, right? Surprise your kids by making them "sandwiches" using slices of pound cake and icing tinted with red and yellow food colouring. You could also toast the pound cake for a more authentic look. That's it... easy peasy!

5) Set up a googly eye surprise -- Add googly eyes to the food in the fridge using double sided tape. It doesn't take long to set up this prank, and the kids will get a hilarious surprise when they open the fridge.

Do you like to play jokes on your kid's on April 1st? Which of these April Fool's Day pranks will you try this year?

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)


  1. I am like you, and don't love pranks, but yours are great! Being a lover of brownies and a big baker and a secret lover of puns, your brownies did it for me!

  2. Cool blog you have here, I will check in often.


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