DIY Easter Decor... made from dollar store chicks

I love DIY holiday decor, especially when it's made using inexpensive dollar store supplies. On a recent trip to the dollar store, I found 10 adorable little chicks for $2, and I knew I could craft something special with them. Below, you can see how simple it was for me to make DIY Easter decor from dollar store chicks, some scrap ribbon, and sticks my boys picked up in our backyard.

To make this darling craft, you'll need to gather your supplies: chicks from the dollar store, scrap ribbon, tree branches (that have fallen on the ground), and hot glue.

Then, cut a piece of ribbon, tie it to the ends of a branch, and use hot glue to attach the chicks. (I found it easier to put the glue on the branch, and then attach the chicks.)

Cute, right? My $2 package of chicks contained 10 chicks, so I made two versions of this craft. For the first one, I used a thick branch with a pink and green ribbon.

Then, I made a version with a thinner/longer branch and a piece of blue ribbon.

I love both of these dollar store crafts, don't you? Which version is your favourite? 

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

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  1. Love these cute chicks! I think the longer thin branch is my favourite!

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