15 Plastic Easter Egg Filler Ideas

Everyone loves an Easter egg hunt, and it's even more fun when the colourful plastic eggs are filled with a variety of fun items. Today, I am sharing some of my favourite Easter egg filler ideas. I even have a few simple and unique DIY options.

Note: This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase something using one of my links, I will receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you).

1) Finger Puppets - You can likely find inexpensive finger puppets at the dollar store, or you can easily make your own using the simple instructions here.

2) Mini Pull Back Cars - My boys have always loved playing with cars and trucks, and these are adorable. They are inexpensive too. Click here to purchase.

3) Magic Jelly Beans - A little magic makes every holiday better and more fun. You can print this envelope for free here.

4) Play-doh - These little cans of Play-doh would be perfect for those larger plastic eggs, and after all the hunting, they'll keep the kids entertained. Click here to purchase.

5) Squishy Toys - Little squishy toys are really popular right now, and they are soooo cute. You can purchase them here.

6) Dinosaur Toys - Kids are always fascinated with dinosaurs, and these pre-filled eggs are sure to be a hit with little ones. Find the link to purchase here.

7) Stickers - Bright and colourful stickers make perfect Easter Egg fillers. You can find this adorable collection here.

8) Wind up Bunnies and Chicks - Nothing says "Easter" like bunnies and chicks, and these "wind up" versions are adorable. You can buy them here.

9) Pretend Jewelry - Imagine how fun it would be to open eggs filled with this 68 piece collection. You can see all the details and purchase all this pretend jewelry here.

10) Money - Coins are perfect for filling plastic eggs. My kids love collecting money on Easter morning.

11) Bubbles - Tiny containers of bubbles are perfect for filling plastic eggs, and Spring will be here soon! Find the link to purchase here.

12) Cute Crayons - You can recycle old crayons into new, fun shapes that fit into plastic eggs personally. Find the full "how to" here.

13) Toys and Trinkets - If you like variety, this collection of toys and trinkets is for you. Find the link to purchase these pre-filled eggs here.

14) Gift Certificates - I always love gift certificates for food and activities... but these special ones from the Easter Bunny are also fun for popping into a plastic egg. You can download them for free here.

15) Chocolate - Of course chocolate is always a staple on Easter morning, and chocolate eggs make perfect plastic Easter egg filler. There are lots of wonderful options, but I'm in love with the adorable Smartie Easter eggs you can find here.

Do you fill plastic eggs for an Easter egg hunt in your house? What are some of your favourite plastic Easter egg filler ideas? I hope my list has given you a few new ideas and a little Easter egg hunt inspiration!

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

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