DIY Easter Vases... from jars

Holidays are a wonderful excuse to get crafty, and Easter is one of the best. Easter colours are fantastic, and what is cuter than bunnies and chicks? Today, I am sharing a great craft for kids AND adults. With a few dollar store supplies, you can easily transform an old jar into a delightful DIY Easter vase.

To make these adorable Easter vases:

1) Paint jars with craft paint. I used white paint to make a bunny vase and yellow paint to make a chick vase.

2) After the paint has completely dried, use hot glue and twine to wrap the tops of the jars.

3) To make the bunny: draw a mouth and whiskers with a Sharpie, and then use hot glue to attach googly eyes and a pom pom nose.

4) To make the chick: use hot glue to attach googly eyes and a felt beak.

You can fill the vases with artificial flowers or real flowers. They would be great filled with treats too.

I am planning on displaying my vases with the cute sock bunnies I made last year. (You can find the tutorial for my sock bunnies here.)

Do you like crafting with kids? Or do you prefer to craft by yourself? Either way, this is a great little Easter project. I hope you have fun making these cute DIY Easter vases.

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

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