20+ SIMPLE Earth Day Activities for Kids and Families

Earth Day (on April 22) provides a wonderful opportunity to teach children about recycling, respecting our planet, and enjoying nature. It is also a wonderful excuse to get outside. Today I am sharing a fantastic collection of 20+ {easy and inexpensive} Earth Day crafts and activities that are fun for children of all ages.

Here is a list of some of my favourite Earth Day crafts and activities. Click on the links / titles for more information and full tutorials.

1)  Make a cereal box notebook.

2)  Recycle an old jar into an earth day tealight.

3)  Decorate with a DIY earth day banner.

4)  Transform an old box into a beautiful tree full of butterflies.

5)  Read The Lorax, and enjoy a "tree-themed" snack.

6)  Use an empty egg carton to learn about how caterpillars turn into butterflies.

7)  Use empty jars and cans to create some adorable "grass-haired" friends.

8)  Enjoy some backyard bird-watching.

9)  Raid the recycling bin, and try creating some homemade toy boats.

10)  Craft some paper bag kites and head outside.

11) Make a matching game by recycling milk jug lids.

12) Make a tooth taxi out of an old film canister... or another amsll container.

13) Plant something.

15) Make homemade birdfeeders.

16) Make a bird house from a milk carton.

17) Craft a bucket from recycled materials to take on a nature walk.

18) Make a nature collage.

19) Build an outdoor obstacle course.

20) Make (and play with) eco-friendly sidewalk paint.

21) Go on an outdoor scavenger hunt.

How are you planning on celebrating Earth Day with your little ones?  I hope you take some time to craft, play, and get outside with kids to enjoy everything that nature has to offer. Happy Earth Day!!!


Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

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