Epic DIY NERF Party

It's taken me a few months to get around to writing this post about my boys' joint NERF party, but today is the day I am finally sharing all the easy and inexpensive DIY party details. A NERF gun party is a perfect party for active kids, and my boys and their party guests had a great time. Keep reading for all the fun DIY signs, food, games, activities, loot bags, and details. You are going to love this epic DIY NERF party!

The party started with a simple DIY invitation. I made this one using a couple pictures of my boys and free online photo editing software (Picmonkey.com).

Then, I set the stage with simple DIY party signage and decor. I love the way the party signs add a professional touch to the party and tie everything together. You can download all my signs (for free) here

As the guests arrived, they were invited to "get their game face on". I set up a little station (by the door) with a sign, a dollar store mirror, and some face paint.

The kids were also given safety glasses, and they were required to wear them.

And, of course, it was important to keep all the party guests entertained and having fun, so we planned several NERF party games and activities. My boys really wanted an "epic NERF battle", so we made sure we had plenty of NERF guns and bullets.

We also used boxes, mats, and tents to set the stage for our battle.

We also set up a fun "target practice" area for the kids who wanted a break from the battle. I made all the elements from dollar store supplies, and you can find the instructions here.

And we also had a little table that held a simple "guess the number of candies" game.

Of course, we also set up a fantastic table of NERF-themed food because the kids needed "fuel for their battle". We had tons of blue and orange food and drinks! 

The backdrop for the food table included a sign I made using dollar store supplies, and you can read about how to make it here

The food table also held two NERF target cakes... one for each of the birthday boys!

Finally, all the parties left with fun NERF party favours. I had supplies for a water balloon battle and a blue and orange prize punch. You can read about our loot bags (and download the free printable tags) here.

Our NERF party was a huge success...

And all of our party guests had a great time!

I think all the DIY party details really made the NERF party special for my boys... and they are still talking about the "epic" NERF battle. If your kids enjoy running around and battling with their buddies, I highly suggest throwing a DIY NERF party for their next birthday celebration.

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

For a closer look, check out the video I made here:

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  1. What a fun birthday theme! Perfect for any active kiddo. Love the paper cup targets. Visiting from Tip Me Tuesday.


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