Father's Day DIY Donut Bouquet

On Mother's Day, many special ladies get lovely bouquets of flowers, but I don't think my husband would be impressed with a vase full of blooms. In the past, I have made candy bouquets, but this time, I thought I would try something different. Instead of a flower or candy bouquet, I thought it would be fun for my boys to make a donut bouquet for Father's Day. I saw a version of this idea online, and I thought it looked super simple and really inexpensive to make. Keep reading for a step-by-step tutorial and easy-to-follow video.

To make a DIY Donut Bouquet, you'll need: donut holes, skewers, tissue paper, and ribbon. I got more supplies than I needed for about $8.


1) Insert skewers into the donut holes. (You can use mini donuts too.)
2) Arrange the donuts into a bouquet, and secure in place with an elastic.
3) Wrap the bouquet in tissue paper.

4) Tie a ribbon around the base of the flowers. (You can also add a layer of cellophane if you are transporting your bouquet and you want to protect the donuts.)

That's it! What child wouldn't be thrilled to gift this donut bouquet to their Dad? Add a homemade card, and you are good to go!

Check out this easy-to-follow video.

Isn't this a fantastic homemade Father's Day gift? Do you have a special man in your life that would enjoy this DIY donut bouquet? I think this is an absolutely adorable treat!

(aka East Coast Mommy)

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