Wayfair Planter made from Dollar Store Supplies... and I saved over $130!

As a DIYer (and a budget conscious mom), I always see things in stores and think "I could make that for a lot less". Do you do this too? So, recently when I saw a cute planter online, I challenged myself to make it using dollar store materials... and it turned out great! Check out how I made a high-end Wayfair planter using dollar store supplies.

This is the Wayfair version for $141.99...

And here is the one I made for $10 using dollar store supplies. Pretty great, eh?

Here's what you need for my version. (All these supplies came from the dollar store.) A package of stir sticks (4 for $2... but I only used half the sticks... so $1 worth), a dollar store tin planter ($4). a bird house with a tin roof ($4), and miscellaneous supplies you like already have on hand (like glue and paint and a bit of moss, if desired). I allowed $1 for miscellaneous... but even if you had to buy some paint and glue... this DIY version is a lot cheap than the store-bought one.

And here's how you make it:

1) Cut one of the stir sticks for the "Blooming" sign. (Mine was about 7 inches.) A small hand saw would be great, but I couldn't find mine, so I used an exacto knife, and I smoothed the edges with a nail file. Whatever works! lol

2) Use an x-Acto knife or small hand saw to cut out a notch (the width of the paint stick) in the base of the birdhouse.

3) Paint the birdhouse, the paint stick, and the piece you cut from the paint stick. (I used white chalk paint, but any paint would work.) You can also apply a sealant if you are going to be putting it outside, but mine is going under a covered porch, so I didn't bother.

4) Dry brush with a bit of grey paint if you want a more "aged" look.

5) Use a combination of hot glue and wood glue to attach the paint stick to the base of the bird house AND to attach the piece of the small stir stick the big stir stick.

6) Use a Cricut, a paint marker, or dollar store stickers to add the word "Blooming" to the small stir stick.

7) Use hot glue to attach the stir stick to the planter, and reinforce with duct tape.

8) I added some dollar store moss to the base of the bird house... but this is totally optional. The one at Wayfair was plain, but I thought a bit of moss added to the rustic look.

For a closer look, take a look at this video I made...

I plan to plant flowers in my new planter, but since it's still early in the season, I inserted some craft form and stuck in some artificial greenery. It looks super-cute on my covered porch.

What do you think? I know it is not exactly like the $141.99 planter I was inspired by, but I think it's a pretty good "copy" for only $10.

Let me know if you make one. I'd love to see your version!

Gina Bell
 (aka East Coast Mommy)

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