5 (high end) Dollar Store DIYs for Spring

I love adding seasonal decor to my home... and I really enjoy when I can get a high-end look inexpensively. Today, I am sharing FIVE fantastic Spring DIYs (using dollar store supplies) that you are going to love!

1) DIY Dollar Store Pictures - I designed this adorable print that works well as an 8x10 and a 5x7. You can download the print I designed (for free) here. Then, pop the print in a dollar store frame, and embellish it with whatever you like. It's THAT easy!!!

2) Dollar Store Decorated Tiered Tray - An inexpensive tiered tray can look expensive if you dress it up with carefully selected and handcrafted dollar store items.

On the bottom level, I placed a dollar store lavender plant (in a cement pot) and a little bottle that I found at the dollar store. I filled the bottle with dollar store buttons in Spring colours, and I added a lace embellishment to the bottle cap.

On the middle level, I used some beads that I had in my craft stash, and I added a succulent in a cement bought (that I found at the dollar store).

On the top level, I used a ball of greenery that I found in the floral section of the dollar store. Then, I added a birdhouse that I crafted. I painted a dollar store wooden birdhouse with blue paint, and I covered the roof with wood grain contact paper (which also came from the dollar store).

3) Dollar Store Candy Display - A candy tray adds a bit of whimsey and fun to Spring decor... and it's easy and inexpensive to make. Start by placing a piece of scrapbook paper in a dollar store frame. Then add some candy to dollar store jars. I also added a bottle covered in twine filled with pom pom flowers. It's simple, but it's a lot of fun!

4) Dollar Store Umbrella Wreath - This piece of decor takes less than 5 minutes to put together, and it's the perfect wreath to hang on your front door for Spring. Fill a child's umbrella with dollar store flowers, tie with a ribbon, and it's ready to hang.

5) Dollar Store Spring Flower Display - Spring is synomous with "new blooms", so this dollar store flower arrangement is fantastic. Start with a dollar store tin container, insert a piece of floral foam, cover the foam with dollar store moss, and insert dollar store flowers. Cute, right?!?

This DIY planter (made using dollar store supplies) is fun too. I made it for LESS than $10, and you can get the easy "how to" here.

For another look at these projects (and a bit more explanation), check out the video I made for you (below).

Which of these dollar store DIYs for Spring is your favourite? I love them all... but the candy tray is definitely my boys' favourite!

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

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