"Couldn't be cuter" BUG crafts

Today I am sharing three BUG themed crafts that are easy to make, totally adorable and perfect for Preschoolers (and older kids too). I love that they use a variety of simple supplies and a plethora of cheerful colors. Below, you will find all the instructions you need to make: a colorful caterpillar, a beautiful bee, and a bookworm.

To make a BEE-utiful bumblebee: 

1) Cut an oval shape from a piece of yellow paper, and glue it to another piece of paper.
2) Cut stripes and a stinger from black paper, and glue to the body of the bee.
3) Add a googly eye and wax paper wings.
4) Use a crayon to add antennae and a mouth.

To make a popsicle stick bookworm:

1) Use a glue gun to attach a pom pom to the end of a craft stick.
2) Glue on googly eyes and a small pom pom.
3) Use markers and crayons to decorate the craft stick.

To make a colorful caterpillar:

1) Cut circles for every letter of the child's name and one for the head.
2) Write the letters of the child's name on the circle.
3) Glue all the pieces in place (including a picture of the child).
4) Embellish with markers or crayons.

Cute, right? Do you have a favorite?

I think all three of these bug crafts are absolutely adorable, and they give children the chance to play with glue, scissors, and crayons. Which of these "bug" crafts will you make first?

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

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