Number Crafts {Number SEVEN}... Lovely Love Bug

I teach a weekly class for preschoolers called "123 Learn with Me".  Each week, we learn about numbers through a variety of activities and crafts. This week, we had some fun learning about the number seven.

During our class, we did a number seven search, practiced printing the number seven, decorated a number seven, made a love bug with seven spots, and crafted a number seven headband.  You can download the full lesson plan {for free} here.

The highlight of our class was the "Love Bug" with SEVEN spots. To make your own love bug:

1) Print the template that you can find here.
2) Color the love bug.
3) Use glue to attach 7 heart-shaped spots to the wings.
4) Use glue to attach a circle-shaped head and a picture of the child.
5) Draw antennae, and attach two buttons with glue.

Cute, right?  We also made a simple number 7 headband out of card stock.  The headband is made of two inch strips of card stock taped together.  The number 7 is a circle of card stock with tissue paper squares "scrunched up" and attached with glue.

I think all of these number seven crafts and activities are adorable... but the love bug is definitely my favorite.  I am a sucker for kid crafts with pictures and/or handprints.

You could also make a simple "counting tree". It's a great way to practice cutting, gluing, and fine motor skills (placing the stickers on). It would be fun for Christmas... but wonderful all year around!

Isn't this a cute way to learn about the number seven? I'll be sharing our crafts and activities for the number eight soon, so don't forget to come back and check them out.

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

MORE number crafts and activities here.

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