Alphabet Crafts - Letter I

Last week my four year old and I had some fun with the letter I. We made a paper Ice cream cone (with sprinkles), and we did a little letter I printing practice.

To make the ice cream cone craft:

1)  Cut a circle and triangle from white card stock.
2)  Have the child color the cone.
3)  Tape the "ice cream" and "cone" together.
4)  Have the child decorate the ice cream cone with "sprinkles" by crunching up bits of tissue paper and gluing them onto the card stock.

That's it! Cute, right?

After our craft, we did a little printing practice. If you want to practice printing the letter I with your little one, you can right-click on the picture below, save it to your computer, and print it.

My little guy even had some ice cream as a special "I" snack while he practiced his printing.

Looking for a few more letter I crafts and activities? 

Check out this adorable igloo craft. Draw an igloo shape on a piece of coloured paper. Then, use glue to cover the igloo with "ice blocks" (white squares of paper) and a picture of the child. Finish the project by using Q-tips and white paint to add snowflakes.

You could also have your child decorate a letter I with colourful stickers. "Peeling and sticking" is a great way to develop fine motor skills.

And have a look at this adorable "letter I" iguana. Start with an "I", and then add a head, tail, googly eyes, and a paper tongue.

Fun, right? Next up... the letter "J"!

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

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