18 DIY Party Themes and Tutorials

There are many fabulous kid party ideas on the web, but many are put together by companies and teams of designers.  The great thing about these DIY parties {that I hosted for my boys} is that there are are many easy and inexpensive DIY elements that are totally "doable" by real moms.  I even provide many free templates and printables.

Click on the links {party titles} below for all the fun DIY details.

1)  The ultimate DIY LEGO Party

2)  The cutest DIY Circus  and a sweet Carnival Party

3)  A stupendous DIY Super Hero Party

4)  A rip roaring DIY Race Car Party

5)  An out of this world DIY Star Wars Party

6)  A magical DIY Harry Potter Party

8)  A marvellous DIY Music Party

10)  A rootin' tootin' Cowboy Party

11)  A perfect DIY Pirate Party

12) A wonderful DIY Jake and the Neverland Pirates Party (perfect if you have an affection for Peter Pan and Neverland)

13) A heavenly DIY Hockey Party and a simple DIY Hockey Party

14) A Marvellous DIY Movie Party

15) Simple Backyard Olympics

16) Fun Pool Party (The shark cutout and pool noodle garland are adorable!)

17) Sweet "ice cream for supper" party (It requires very little prep, and it is a fantastic way to mark the end of summer.)

18) Epic DIY NERF battle (The details are easy and fun, and the party is action packed.)

Bonus.... this DIY tea party is easy and fun!

Aren't these DIY party themes fabulous?  I just love a good DIY party.  What was the theme of the best birthday party you have hosted?

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)


  1. My son just turned 5 on Friday he had a dinosaur party with his friends from school. The guests loved the baking soda and vinegar volcanoes. We also had a dino egg hunt, digging for dinos (that they took home) and colouring a dino hat. Most of the time was spent enjoying a sunny day outside. We kept is simple.

    1. Sounds like a fun party. I love an outdoor party, but I am always too nervous to plan something dependant on the weather. :-)

  2. Hi Gina ! I love your blog and your ideas. Just to let you know, I have featured your post in my fb page today :-
    Gina, I too had 3 little boys within a span of 3 years !!! First boy in May1999 ~ second boy in July2001 and third in May 2002 !!! Last fellow was premature by 3 months !!! At times it felt like I was running a nursery in my own home :) They turned out wonderful young boys and I, miss not being able to do 10000001 things with them coz I was so stressed out ~ so exhausted ~ so busy cleaning, cooking and what not !!!!
    Will follow you on bloglovin
    Naush ~ a creative mom in Dubai

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  4. Love these! We're in the midst of planning a My Little Pony party - wish you had some ideas for that, lol! I wouldn't mind having that Harry Potter party for myself (think 35 is too old? Nah!)

  5. No My Little Pony ideas here. Too many boys in this house.

    But these would be cute party favours: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/221028294182921858/

    Also, I think 35 is the perfect age for a Harry Potter party! ;-)


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