Alphabet Crafts - Letter K

My four year old and I are continuing our "crafting our way through the alphabet" adventure. Last week, we had some fun with the letter K. We made a paper bag Kite, and we did a little letter K printing practice.

To make a paper bag kite:

1)  Use a hole punch to make four holes in the corners of the open end of the bag.  Use reinforcements to make the bag a little stronger around the holes.

2)  Cut two equal lengths of string, and tie each one through the holes (on the same side of the bag).  Then, attach the two loops with a longer piece of string.  Attach the loose end to a popsicle stick.

3)  Decorate the paper bag with crayons.

4)  Use tape to attach strips of tissue paper to the closed end of the paper bag.  The tissue paper really "flies" in the wind.

After our craft, we did a little printing practice. If you want to practice printing the letter K with your little one, you can right-click on the picture below, save it to your computer, and print it.

And if you are looking for more letter K crafts, check out this adorable "King" craft made from a letter K. Start with a letter K, add a paper crown decorated with jewel stickers, and then glue on a mustache, googly eyes, and a button nose.

And this fun "K is for key" craft is a great way to work on fine motor skills. Draw a key shape on a piece of paper, rip up tin foil, and glue the tin foil to the key.

Or, for something really simple, just decorate a letter K with crayons and stickers.

Fun, right? Next up... the letter "L"!

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

Find more alphabet crafts here.

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