5 Simple Ways to Prepare for a Family Road Trip

Road tripping with kids can be a lot of fun, but only if you are well prepared. Recently, my family travelled over 1400km to visit family, and we had a fantastic time. Today, I'm sharing the secrets to our success -- 5 simple ways to prepare for a family road trip.

1) Keep everyone comfortable. - Make sure everyone is dressed in comfy clothes, and bring lots of blankets and pillows.

2) Pack lots of food. - We always pack a cooler with fruits, veggies, meats, cheeses, milk and drinks. It makes it easy to make healthy meals "on the go". We also pack a basket filled with bread, peanut butter, healthy snack options, and tasty treats. Individual tackle boxes filled with goodies are fun too!

The most important thing is to make sure everyone is well fed, food is always in arms reach, and there is no reason to make unnecessary stops for fast food.

3) Make sure everyone is entertained. - I love wrapping up dollar store trinkets and treats for the kids to open when boredom sets it. In the past, I have wrapped up: magazines, puzzle books, fidget toys, craft supplies, and treats. It's a fun way to add some fun to the drive.

I also like wrapping DVDs. Instead of endless discussion (and fighting) about what movie to watch, my kids just take one (blindly) from the pile, unwrap it, and stick it in the DVD player. Easy peasy!

4) Plan out your route. - Plan out your route, and plan overnight stays ahead of time if needed. For our 15 hour drive, we planned an overnight stay in a hotel halfway to our destination. Have a bed and pool to break up our drive made all the difference.

5) Make the journey part of the vacation. - The drive to a destination doesn't need to be torture, but rather, it can be part of the fun. 5 minute stops at roadside attractions will add a lot of interest to the drive. For our trip, we stopped for a couple of photos in Montreal.

Note: Having the passengers change spots in the vehicles at rest stops is a great way to get give them a change of scenery.

I also suggest packing Ziploc bags (which are perfect for wet swimsuits, car sickness, and food storage), and baby wipes come in handy too. 

What is your best way to prepare for a family road trip? We'll definitely be doing it again, so I'd love any tips or tricks you have to offer.

Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)

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