Preschool Theme: Farm Animals

I teach a weekly class of 3 and 4 year olds, and each week we have a fun Preschool theme. Today, I am sharing three easy and inexpensive FARM ANIMAL crafts and activities that Preschoolers are guaranteed to love!

We had some farm animal fun by: making a free standing pig, crafting a fluffy sheep mask, and practicing cutting.

To make the pig:

1) Download the pig template that you can find here, and print it onto a piece of cardstock.
2) Color the pig, cut it out, and glue on two googly eyes.
3) Use a hole punch to attach a piece of curling ribbon, and use scissors to curl it.
4) Color clothespins pink, and attach to pig.

To practice cutting (with some help from some adorable farm animals):

1) Right-click on the picture below.
2) Save the picture to your computer.
3) Print the page (like a regular 8X10 photo).
4) Cut along the lines until the child reaches the farm animal. 

To craft the soft and fluffy sheep mask:

1) Cut the centre out of a thick paper plate.
2) Dip cotton balls in glue, and attach them onto the paper plate until it is covered.
3) Use tape to attach a popsicle stick and ears (if desired).

You can also draw a simple "headless" farmer for the kids to colour. Then, have the kids glue on their head to create a farmer that looks just like them!

Aren't these farm animal crafts and activities totally adorable? I think they are perfect for Preschoolers (and older kids too). 

Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)

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