Number Crafts {Number TEN}... "Whoooo" wants to learn about the number 10?

I teach a weekly class for preschoolers called "123 Learn with Me".  Each week, we learn about numbers through a variety of activities and crafts.  This week, we finished our 10 week session by having some fun with the number 10.

During our class, we did a number ten search, practiced printing the number ten, decorated a number ten, made a handprint owl with ten "feathers" and crafted a cloud with ten raindrops.

To make the cloud:

1) Draw a cloud with 10 raindrops (or download the template which is included in the workbook I designed here).
2) Color the ten raindrops.
3) Glue cotton balls onto the cloud.

To make the owl with ten feathers:

1) Draw an owl (or download the template which is included in the workbook I designed here) and tape half a sheet of paper onto each end.
2) Trace the child's hands to make owl wings.
3) Color the owl, and add googly eyes and an orange beak.

"Whoooo" doesn't love a handprint craft?  This owl is simple to make, and it makes an adorable keepsake.

Isn't this lesson plan a cute (and fun) way to learn about the number ten?  I hope you enjoyed all the "123 Learn with Me" crafts and activities. I know the preschoolers and I had a lot of fun!

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

PS - You can grab a copy of my 40+ page "Numbers" WORKBOOK here.

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