Preschool Theme: Shapes

I teach a craft class for Preschoolers once a week, and I also have a simple theme to make the class cohesive. One of the themes I start with is "shapes". It's a simple theme, but it's a great one for the Preschoolers. Below, I am sharing some "shape" crafts and activities that kids will love.

Books for Shape Theme:

The Maid, the Mouse, and the Odd-shaped House by Paul O. Zelinsky
Circle Dogs by Kevin Henkes
Circles, Stars, and Squares by Jane Brocket
Round is a Pancake by Joan Sullivan Baranski
Press Here by Herve Tullet - my favourite!

Activities for Shape Theme:

Sort foam shapes into containers.
Bean bag toss onto pieces of paper with shapes on them.
Sort cars into parking spots… by shape.
Each child gets a card with a shape, they name things that are that shape, and the other children try to guess the shape.
Stick skewers into playdough and place “round” Cheerios onto the skewers.
Fish for shapes (using paper clips on the fish and magnets on the rods).
Play a matching game with shapes on the cards.

Crafts for Shape Theme:

Make a shape book.
Make a door hanger covered in foam “shape” stickers.
Make a “shape” name puzzle.
Make shape monsters.

Cover a shape with stickers.
Make a pig using shapes

Don't you just love these fantastic "shape" crafts and activities. I absolutely LOVE the shape pig with a curly tail made from a pipe cleaner!

Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)

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