Alphabet Crafts - Letter A

Today my 4 year old and I started a fun alphabet adventure, and I am hoping you will play along with us.  Before my "baby" starts school in September, we are going to do a craft or activity for each letter.  We started with the letter "A" and made an adorable apple craft.

We started with a red paper plate, and we added a stem and a leaf.  Then, I cut a "worm hole" in the plate, and drew a little face on his finger.  He loved sticking the "worm" through the apple.

We also did a little printing practice.  You can right-click on the picture below, save it to your computer, and print it for your little one.

Are you interested in more letter A crafts?

You could try a ripped paper apple, which is made by ripping paper and gluing it to a card stock circle.

A letter A alligator is also cute. Start with a letter A, turn the A on it's side, and glue on eyes and teeth.

You could also decorate a letter A with crayons, markers or stickers. It's a simple way to work on letter recognition and fine motor skills.

These are all fun ways to learn about the letter A, don't you think?

Stay tuned!  The letter "B" will be coming soon.  :-)

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

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  1. This is such a wonderful idea. I've just been thinking I need to start my little one on his abcs, and this would be such a fun way to do it.

    1. Thanks so much! I hope you decide to play along with us. We are going to keep all the crafts/activities simple and fun.

  2. Love the letter crafts! Keep them coming.

    1. Thanks so much! There will be at least one this week. :-)


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