DIY Dollar Store Spy Kit

My boys LOVE pretending they are spies, so today we are having a "spy day".  As a surprise, I went to the dollar store yesterday, and I purchased supplies for three super-fun dollar store spy kits.

Can you believe I put each kit together for under $8?  My boys LOVE them!  Here's what each spy kit includes:

Zipper bag (to hold the contents of the kit) - $1.25

Label for front of bag - $0.19

Stick on moustaches (for the perfect disguise) - $1.00

Spy notebook (for writing down important clues) - $1.00

Passport cover - $1.25

Magnifying glass - $1.00

Secret agent ID (printed at home and placed in a dollar store self-
laminating pouch) - $0.25

Sunglasses (for the perfect disguise) - $1.25

Laser beam (finger light) - (4 for $1.00) - $0.25

Jar of lemon juice and a Q-tip (for writing secret messages) - (6 jars for $1 and a full jar of lemon juice for $1) - $0.25

Don't you just love how easy and inexpensive this idea is?

For the kits, I created adorable spy IDs on my computer.  I printed them, cut them out, and put them in laminating pouches from the dollar store.  This is what they looked like:

I also made simple "top secret" labels for the front of the zipper bags.  If you right-click on the picture below, you can save and print a 4X6 copy.

This kit is fun for an afternoon of imaginative play at home, a themed playdate, or birthday party.  Do you have a child that would love this dollar store spy kit?

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

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  1. SUPER cute! I am posting about it on Dollar Store Mom on Wednesday! -Heather

  2. So creative! My boys would have loved that when they were younger. I hopped over from the A to Z linky

  3. How does the secret notes thingy work?

  4. How does the secret notes thingy work?

    1. If you write a note with lemon juice and let it dry completely, you can hold it over a light and see the message revealed.


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