Celebrating the Olympics {with kids}

Our family has really been enjoying the Olympics in Sochi, and today I am sharing 3 simple Olympic crafts that will help you celebrate the games with your kids.  I am also sharing a few ideas for fun Olympic treats. 

When it comes to Olympic crafts, it's all about the torch, the Olympic flag, and the medals.  Turn an empty paper towel roll into an Olympic torch by wrapping it in tin foil and adding some red and orange tissue paper flames.  

Or... cut some circles from cardstock, colour the circles, and add some ribbon or string to create adorable gold, silver and bronze medals. 

And finally... grab a piece of card stock, markers, and a craft stick to create a simple Olympic flag.  

Themed snacks are the perfect companion to any crafting sessions, and the Olympics provide the perfect snacking inspiration.  Try baking cupcakes in ice cream cones and adding fruit roll-up flames to create edible Olympic torches.  Cakes or cupcakes decorated with the Olympic rings are also fun options.  (You can find the instructions for this adorable Olympic cake here.)

As the games draw to a close, I am reflecting on all the valuable lessons that children can learn from watching athletic competitions.  The Olympics, as a worldwide competition, provide a unique opportunity to teach children about diversity, other countries, and different cultures.  The games also give parents a chance to nurture their children's sense of national pride and community.

I love that my boys are being exposed to new sports, the rewards of hard work, and the inevitable fact that sometimes people (even great athletes) don't always win.  We are watching the events together, as a family, and we have had some great discussions about these things.

I hope you enjoy some of these easy Olympic crafts and snacks with your family as you continue to celebrate the games.  I know our family will continue to watch and cheer, and I hope my boys learn some lessons about the importance of being active, the value of teamwork, and the grace that comes from exhibiting good sportsmanship.  GO CANADA GO!

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

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