Tips for Displaying Party Treats Like a Pro

When it comes to hosting a party (especially a kids party), it's important to have plenty of treats for guests. I love a table containing popcorn, chips, chocolate and candy -- all displayed in a visually appealing way. Today, I am sharing a few simple ways to style your treat table. With these tips, you can easily display party treats like a pro at your next get together.

1) Use fancy glasses and dollar store dishes. A variety of dishes adds interest to the table.

2) Use cake stands and containers of different heights to add depth to the display. I picked up this white cake stand at the dollar store, and it looks great on a table full of treats.

3) Use colour. I picked up a colour tablecloth at the dollar store to match my all my bright candy. You can make a big impact going with only one or two colours too.

4) Use individual containers so guests can easily grab the treats they want. Check out this video:

I did this display for a movie afternoon with my boys' and a few of their friends... but it works for any party theme and any age group. What is your favourite way to serve party treats?

Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)


  1. I love the use of levels too!! I feel like it just adds that extra bit of drama!

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