The Key to an Organized Family Vacation

I'm organizing a family trip to Florida in April, and my goal is to have a vacation that is stress-free and relaxing. I have most things planned, and I feel organized thanks to my favourite vacation planning tool -- a duo tang folder containing all the information we need for our trip.

I use a duo tang instead of a binder because I want something that I can easily fit into my carry on.

And, I fill the duo tang with sheet protector pockets, so that I can insert all our important documents.

My first document is a calendar, so I can quickly see my itinerary at a glance.

I use the other pockets for tickets, confirmation numbers, insurance information, addresses for mailing postcards and other important papers.

I also have a section for maps and directions to our accommodations and attractions.

I have used a family travel binder before, and I would never take a major trip without one again. It really is the best way I have found to I keep organized on vacation. What's your best trick for staying organized when travelling with your family?

Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)


  1. From a mom who is also a travel advisor- I love Umapped it is an online tool that is right on your smartphone. I provide it free to all my clients. It even updates with new gate/flight information live! Of course the internet is for looking and your trusted travel advisor is for booking! But organization is definitely key! Love the binder!

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