15 PUNNY Valentine Ideas... with free printable tags

I have always loved creating unique Valentine's for my boys to share with their friends and classmates. Over the years, I have come up with a lot of fun ideas that my boys and their buddies have loved. Usually, I pair "trinkets" with clever and "punny" tags. Today, I am sharing 15 of my favourite PUNNY Valentine ideas... and the sweet tags I designed.

Below, you will find links to all my favourite PUNNY valentines and the FREE printable tags I designed. Click on the links to access the free tutorials and tags.

1) I hope you have a 'DINO'mite Valentine's Day!

2) Have a SUPER Valentine's Day!

3) You're #1 in my BOOK!

4) You're friendship BLOWS me away!

5) I am BEARY happy to have a friend like you!

6) It's PLANE to see you're a great friend!

7) The FORCE of our friendship is strong!

8) You are one in a MINION!

9) COLOR your HEART out!

10) You've got the WRITE stuff!

13) You BLOW me away!

14) I hope you have a BALL on Valentine's Day!

Homemade Valentines are definitely more heartfelt and fun. This collection includes tons of free printable Valentines and tags... and there are many fantastic "non-candy" ideas that are perfect for class parties. I love the Superhero masks and recycled crayons, but they are all wonderful! Do you have a favourite?

Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)

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