15+ PUNNY Valentine Ideas... with free printable tags

I have always loved creating unique Valentine's for my boys to share with their friends and classmates. Over the years, I have come up with a lot of fun ideas that my boys and their buddies have loved. Usually, I pair "trinkets" with clever and "punny" tags. Today, I am sharing 15 of my favourite PUNNY Valentine ideas... and the sweet tags I designed.

Below, you will find links to all my favourite PUNNY valentines and the FREE printable tags I designed. Click on the links to access the free tutorials and tags.

1) I hope you have a 'DINO'mite Valentine's Day!

2) Have a SUPER Valentine's Day!

3) You're #1 in my BOOK!

4) You're friendship BLOWS me away!

5) I am BEARY happy to have a friend like you!

6) It's PLANE to see you're a great friend!

7) The FORCE of our friendship is strong!

8) You are one in a MINION!

9) COLOR your HEART out!

10) You've got the WRITE stuff!

13) You BLOW me away!

14) I hope you have a BALL on Valentine's Day!

Bonus: Check out this "Wheelie" cute and clever class Valentine and free printable tags.

And how adorable is this bubble gum Valentine?

And who wouldn't love this simple sock Valentine?

Homemade Valentines are definitely more heartfelt and fun. This collection includes tons of free printable Valentines and tags... and there are many fantastic "non-candy" ideas that are perfect for class parties. I love the Superhero masks and recycled crayons, but they are all wonderful! Do you have a favourite?

Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)

Find more wonderful Valentine's Day ideas here.


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