Van Trash Can... made from a dollar store container and duct tape

I don't know about you, but I spend A LOT of time in my mini van. My husband and I are constantly chauffeuring my boys around to their activities, and as a result, our van can get pretty messy. So recently, I decided to make a trash can for our van. I wanted it to be narrow (so it didn't take up much room in the back seat), and I wanted it to have a long and flexible strap. I decided to pick up a few dollar store supplies and DIY the perfect VAN TRASH CAN. I used about $2 worth of supplies, and I created exactly what my family needed.

I started with a narrow plastic container and dollar store duct tape. The container was $1.25, and the duct tape was $1.25 (and I used about half a roll).

I created a strap by cutting a long strip of duct tape and folding it three times.

I placed the ends of the straps on the sides of the container and taped them in place with duct tape.

Then, I wrapped the entire container in duct tape. (Do one row at a time, and use good scissors! I like to use scissors that are coated so that the duct tape doesn't stick to them.)

I love how it turned out. It's durable and fits perfectly around the arm of the front seat of my van.

Could you use this inexpensive DIY trash can in your vehicle? Making it yourself means that you can make it whatever size/shape works for you. I made my black so it would blend in with the interior of my van, but you could use whatever duct tape colour/design you like.

Now... I just need to train my kids to pick their movies up off the floor. 

Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)


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