Easy Harry Potter Cakes

I am not a professional cake decorator. In fact, I have never even taken a cake decorating course. But, I always try to make special cakes for my boys' birthdays.  This year I made two Harry Potter cakes for my oldest son.  They were simple to make and turned out totally cute!

The first cake was a simple "Quidditch Cake".  

To make each goal post, I wrapped electrical tape around pipe cleaners and twisted them into a circle.  Then, I stuck the end into a paper straw.

And to make the golden snitch, I added wax paper wings.

I finished it off by adding some "every flavour beans" along the bottom of the cake.  I think it adds a nice touch of color, don't you?

The second cake was a simple "Crest Cake".

I started with a basic rectangular sheet cake, and I carved it into the shape of a crest.  I did a crumb coat, and then covered the cake with yellow icing.  I piped on some red trim, and then I added some fun "Harry Potter" items -- a fruit roll-up scar, a foil wrapped golden snitch, some every flavour beans, and a chocolate frog.  Simple and fun! 

Which Harry Potter cake is your favorite?

Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)


  1. both are so wonderful!!! I Love them!

  2. Excellent. I am going to give the Quidditch one a try, but I am going to use sparklers in the shape of an 0. I hope it works out ok!

    1. I think the sparklers would be really cute. Let me know how it turns out!


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