Elf on the Shelf Tip {for busy moms and dads}

The moment every parent dreads... the moment you realize that your Elf on the Shelf is in the same spot in the morning that he/she was in the night before.

GOOD NEWS... you can let your kids know (and I have it on good authority from Santa) that sometimes the Elf on the Shelf returns to the same spot after his/her long trip to the North Pole.  There are times when a spot in the house is just so much fun that an Elf on the Shelf likes to spend two days in it.

So there ya go... one less thing to worry about this holiday season.  :-)

Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)


  1. I told my kids that she only has magic when they listen and behave. So when they were disobedient she was sad and loses her magic for the day. In most cases they weren't listening.....

  2. I've actually used that line before - lol - ours is recovering at the North Pole for a couple days as my son threw a frisbee at him to knock him down! He's received his "naughty list" warning...

  3. I love this site, thank you to all who are created, I learned many things, very positive, a thousand thank you.

  4. We put the elf on my sons dresser with the iPhone on his lap... Then for got two nights in a row.. My son was crying thinking that he touched the elf the other day when he was getting his book off of his dresser.. I quickly said, maybe the iPhone is to heavy and he can't move.. Lets take it off and see what happnes... 10 Mnutes late the elf was gone..... Happy Boy, before school... sigh...lol

  5. AWESOME.....cause their have been those days that he don't get moved.

  6. One day I moved the elf onto the kitchen counter and forgot to move it . I got sick and My sister wondered why ... I just said that they were tired from moving all the time


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