5 *NEW* St.Patrick’s Day DIYs ☘️ They are Easy and Inexpensive… but look HIGH END

Looking for a couple of easy and inexpensive St. Patrick's Day crafts to add to your home decor this year? Today, I'm sharing 5 NEW St.Patrick's Day DIYs that you are going to LOVE! They are simple to make, use cheap (mostly dollar store) supplies, and look fantastic. Check out the written instructions (and easy to follow video tutorials) below.

1) Fabric covered shamrock - I love this framed fabric shamrock. The mix of textures and colours really gives it a rich, high-end feel. To make it:

  1. Paint the inside of a picture green.
  2. Cut a shamrock from a cardboard box.
  3. Put some mod podge on the front of the shamrock and lay it flat on a square of scrap fabric.
  4. Use hot glue and scissors to wrap the fabric around the shamrock and secure it on the back. 
  5. Use hot glue to attach the shamrock to the frame.
Isn't it super-cute? 

2) Dollar store cutting board update - I found this ugly cutting board at the dollar store, but I knew I could make it into something cute, so I threw it in my cart. 


  1. I painted both sides of the cutting board green.
  2. I used hot glue to attach a strip of checkered ribbon to the bottom.
  3. I used hot glue to wrap twine around the top of the board (and cover up the hole in the cutting board.
  4. I created a vinyl decal on my Cricut and attached it to the front of my board.
If you don't have a Cricut, you could paint something, use decals or add stickers. What do you think? Is it better than what I started with?

3) "Lucky" rolling pin - These little rolling pins are great for crafting. I found mine for $2.29 in the toy aisle in a local store, but you can sometimes find them at the dollar store. There are also many inexpensive options on Amazon.


  1. Paint the handles to match your St.Patrick's Day decor.
  2. Add the word "LUCKY" and a shamrock. I used a Cricut, but a Sharpie or stickers would work too.
  3. Tie bits of scrap ribbon the handles. 

4) Yarn wrapped shamrock - This is a super-easy craft, and it's practically free.
  1. Start by cutting a shamrock shape out of a cardboard box. I used an old Amazon box. You won't see the box, so any box will work.
  2. Use hot glue to attach the end of a ball of yarn to the shamrock. 
  3. Start wrapping the shamrock with yarn... periodically securing the yarn in place with hot glue.
  4. Continuing wrapping and gluing until the entire shamrock is covered.

You can turn these shamrocks into ornaments by adding yarn hangers, or you can leave them as is. I have some hanging on a fake tree in my house, AND I have one on my tiered tray.

5) Leprechaun bait jar - Every holiday needs a treat, and leprechaun bait is perfect for St. Patrick's Day. To make this adorable goodie, you'll need a cheap candy jar from the dollar store. There are tons of options, but I like the shape of this one.

  1. Use a Cricut, stickers, paint, or a glass marker to add the words "leprechaun bait" to the front of the jar. I also added a cute little Shamrock.
  2. Fill the jar with "Lucky Charms" cereal.
  3. Tie a bit of ribbon to the top of the jar.
That's it! You could add any treat you want to the jar, but I think the cereal looks really cute and festive.

And here's how great the 5 DIYs look when they are all together. I love the mix of colours and textures, don't you?

And here's how they look on my tiered tray. (And if you like the little St.Patrick's Day picture sitting beside my tiered tray, you can download it for free here.)

For a closer look at all of these projects, you can check out the YouTube video I made here:

I hope you like all these easy and inexpensive St. Patrick's Day DIYs. Do you have a favourite? I like the fabric shamrock, but I REALLY like how they all look together on my tiered tray.

Happy St.Patrick's Day!

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

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