10 NEW Dollar Store Finds, DIYs, Tips & Tricks

I love creating a cozy home on a budget, and the dollar store really helps me to reach my budget-friendly goals. I like to shop at my local store frequently in order to find the best products, and today, I'm sharing 10 NEW dollar store finds, DIYs, Tips & Tricks. 

Here are my latest favourite finds from my local Dollarama:

1) Dollar store bins - Dollar store bins are inexpensive and great for organizing your home. I found this large plastic one recently, and I love how big it is. I love to use these bins in my craft room and in my closet. Such a great value!

2) Spice drawer organizers - The dollar store has several simple organizers, and this week I found these awesome spice racks. They are going to work really well in my spice drawer.

3) Simple toilet paper holder - I've been trying to make some space under my sink, and I found this to be a great storage solution. A couple of rolls of toilet paper fit on a dollar store paper towel holder. Then, the small stack can be stucked in behind the toilet -- out of the way until it's needed.

4) Inexpensive groceries - The grocery aisle at the dollar store is a fantastic place to find wonderful products at great prices. For example, this granola is a favourite in my house... and it's only $2.50 at Dollarama... much cheaper than the grocery store.

5) Signs - If you like inexpensive home decor, the dollar store always has tons of wonderful options. Many are fine "as is", but I also love DIYing to turn them into something even better. 

I recently found these two signs (below), and I love them both. I upgraded the hanger on the Easter sign and added some details to the bunny with a sharpie. I'm also planning to get "crafty" with the large "home" sign. It's a great size, and I can't wait to get creative with dollar store paint and my Cricut.

6) Yarn - Yarn can be expensive, so it's always wonderful to find it at the dollar store. This week, I found this wonderful "loop it" yarn that is perfect for crafting. I love it for making wreaths, and I think this grey will make a fantastic "winter themed" wreath.

7) Cute carrots - These carrots (which are currently available at Dollarama) are perfect for Spring and Easter crafts. Last year, I used them to make a "bunny butt garden", and this year I'm planning to use them to make a garland, and to craft items for my tiered tray. They always sell out quickly, so if you see them, grab them. 😀

8) Cute cloche - I love these little cloches, but I don't love the cheap, plastic base they come with. So, on a recent trip to Dollarama, I decided to try to put the plastic top onto a candle stick base. I LOVE the way they look together!

I'm planning to paint the Dollarama candle stick holder white and fill the cloche with Easter decor... but the possibilities are endless. Cute, right?!?

9) Mason jar lids - Mason jars have endless uses, and these dollar store lids are a great addition. If you are storing items in jars in your pantry, they'll look extra cute with these inexpensive airtight and leakproof lids.

10) Craft supplies - The dollar store is always adding new craft supplies, and these wooden buttons are my latest favourite find. They are unfinished, so you can use them "as is", or you can paint them to match your craft project... and 100 buttons for $2.50 is a great price!

Looking for more great products and tips and tricks for using them? Check out the short video I made...

Do you have a favourite item on my list? Let me know in the comments.

Gina Bell
 (aka East Coast Mommy)

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