FIVE High End DIYs for Winter... that you can make for a couple of dollars

My house always feels bare and sad after all the Christmas decorations have been put away. That's why I love making a few simple winter decor items to display in my home this time of year. Today, I am sharing 5 budget friendly winter DIYs that are easy, inexpensive, and fun!

1) EASY Winter Wreath made using an 18" dollar store wire wreath frame - I love this wreath because it is soooo easy to make. You literally wrap yarn around a dollar store wire wreath frame, and add a few embellishments to the centre of the wreath. It's that easy! You can find the full step by step instructions here.

2) Cardboard Tri-fold Hot Chocolate Stand - This hot chocolate stand is made from a cheap cardboard tri-fold from the dollar store. It's covered with dollar store contact paper, and embellished with other dollar store items. It's inexpensive, and a lot of fun! Find all the instructions here.

3) Winter Tiered Tray - Tiered trays are perfect for displaying seasonal decor, and it's simple to put one together for winter. I used a few of my neutral coloured Christmas decorations, some dollar store trinkets, a few pine cones and wooden beads. You just need to keep the colour scheme neutral and natural. Check out my tiered tray here.

4) Re-purposed Christmas Decor - I love this simple wreath I made using a neutral coloured Christmas wreath that was marked down after the holidays -- 70% off. I found a silver and white gnome at the dollar store, and I attached it to the centre of the wreath with some hot glue. That's it! It doesn't get much easier than this project. 

You can check out a video about the first four projects here:

5) Pom pom Winter Wreath - I made this wreath several years ago, and it's still one of my favourite DIYs. If you can wrap yarn around your hand, you can make the pom poms for this wreath. Then, the pom poms can be attached to an inexpensive styroform wreath form. Find the full step by step instructions here.

What do you think of these five DIY projects?  Which one is your favourite?

My boys and I are loving the hot chocolate stand right now, but I honestly love all these budget-friendly winter DIYs.

Gina Bell
 (aka East Coast Mommy)

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