10 Dollar Store DIYs for Valentine's Day -- They look high end, but only cost a couple of dollars.

This time of year can be grey and gloomy, so it's the perfect time to add some festive Valentine's Day decor. Crafting a few items is great because they are unique, customizable and budget friendly. Today, I'm sharing TEN fantastic dollar store DIYs for Valentine's Day that you are going to love!

1) Tissue paper artwork - Sometimes simple materials are the easiest to work with and have the greatest impact. For this project, you'll need a dollar store frame, tissue paper, contact paper, scissors and glue.


a) Cover the glass in the picture frame with contact paper or scrapbook paper.
b) Draw a pencil outline of a heart on the contact paper.
c) Cut a bunch of 1 inch squares of tissue paper.
d) Take a square of tissue paper, wrap it around the end of a pencil, and glue it to the outline of the heart. Continue until the entire heart is covered in tissue paper.
e) Add a hanger if desired. I used a leftover silver necklace from New Year's Eve. lol

2) "Made with Love" cutting board - There is nothing better than transforming a cheap dollar store find into something fantastic. Check out this "I love the Kitchen" sign I recently found at my dollar store. Here's the before...

And here's the after...

I started by painting the cutting board pink, adding some twine and wooden heart to the top with hot glue. Then, I added a bit of checked ribbon to the bottom and a Cricut decal to the centre. Cute, right?

3) Valentine's Day book stack - I love a cute book stack, and I made this one using a few scraps of wood I had in my garage. You could also use real books or dollar store tumbling tower blocks glued together.

I painted the blocks, added a strip of ribbon and a wooden heart with hot glue, and added the words "I love you more". I used my Cricut to add the words, but you could use stickers or a Sharpie too.

4) Valentine's Day rolling pin - This is a perfect addition to a tiered tray or Valentine's Day vignette. I started with a toy rolling pin, and I painted it pink and white. Then, I added some ribbon and the words "Be Mine". I used my Cricut, but a Sharpie or dollar store stickers would work too.

5) Dollar store pallet sign - I love transforming something simple into something great, so when I found this little pallet sign, I knew I could turn it into a cute Valentine's Day creation. 

I painted it, added some ribbon with hot glue, and attached an "X" and an "O" from an old Tic Tac Toe game that my kids no longer play with. Didn't it turn out sweet?

6) Key to your heart - This little key is adorable, and soooo easy to make. I found a bag of these little wooden tags at my dollar store, painted one of them pink, added a piece of twine, and attached a little key. I love how cute this little trinket looks on my Valentine's Day tiered tray.

7) "Tumbling tower blocks" love letter - DIY doesn't get much easier (or cheaper!) than this. Paint 4 tumbling tower blocks, use hot glue to attach the blocks together, trace out the letter shape with a black sharpie, and attached a painted wooden heart with hot glue. Easy peasy!

8) Valentine's Day candle - Inexpensive candles make simple Valentine's Day decor, and it is simple to make them look custom and high end. Take a cheap candle, and add a Cricut decal to the front. You could also use stickers or glass markers if you don't have a Cricut. Then, embelish the topof the candle with a bit of twine. Cute and cozy!

9) Dollar store glassware - Dollar store glassware is perfect for creating inexpensive Valentine's Day decor, and you can repurpose it for other holidays too. Try filling a glass jar with love hearts, adding a sticker to the front of a expresso cup and filling it with chocolate kisses, or filling a dollar store jar with pink and white buttons. No craftiness is required for these simple projects!


10) Repurposed wedding decor - The Valentine's aisle isn't the only place to find Valentine's Day decor at the dollar store. The wedding aisle also has some wonderful options. Recently I found this white tin bucket and pink rose flower ball at the dollar store. I added a bit of ribbon to the bottom of the bucket, and made a date decal on my cricut. I absolutely love how it turned out... and it totally screams "Valentine's Day".

Didn't these projects turn out great? Which one is your favourite?

And if you want a closer look at my projects (and step by step instructions), you can check out the video I made here...

I hope you take some time to make one of these Valentine's Day DIYs... or a few. It really is easy, inexpensive and fun to add some unique, high-end decor to you home.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Gina Bell
 (aka East Coast Mommy)

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