GENIUS Hot Chocolate Stand... made using a dollar store cardboard tri-fold

I love a good dollar store HACK, and this homemade hot chocolate stand is the perfect DIY for this time of year. Winter is the best time for hot chocolate, and this hot chocolate stand (made of cheap dollar store supplies) is easy to make, inexpensive, and super-cute. Check out the step by step instructions below.

I started with a cheap cardboard tri-fold from the dollar store, and I covered it with patterned contact paper.

Then, I cut square "windows"  in each of the side panels and taped parchment paper to the backs.

I used black electrical tape to add trim and details to the windows.

After the tri-fold was completed, I made a sign for the top. I took a scrap piece of dollar store foam core, and I covered it with contact paper. 

I trimmed the sign with black electrical tape, and added words I cut out with my Cricut. (If you don't have a cricut, you could you dollar store stickers.)

Finally, to attach the sign to the tri-fold, I cut slits in the bottom of the sign, and slid it into place.

Did it turn out cute? I think it is absolutely adorable, and I love that it only cost a few dollars.

Do you think you'll make a hot chocolate stand for your home this winter? It's a wonderful, fun backdrop for mugs and hot chocolate ingredients.

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

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