A Birthday Letter to My Youngest Son on his 13th Birthday

With three boys under four, I was not very good at keeping baby books up to date... especially for my youngest. lol So, many years ago I started writing annual letters to my boys on their birthdays. My hope is that I'll capture "snapshots" of my boys' personalities each year. Someday, they'll be able to read through their letters and understand how much I've enjoyed being their mother through every stage of their lifes. Today, I'm sharing my birthday letter to my youngest son on his 13th birthday.

To my sweet "baby" boy,

I can hardly believe that you are 13. Seriously, it seems like only yesterday you were taking your first step and picking up your first "mini stick". Now, you are heading into your last year in the junior school and starting your first year of Bantam hockey. 

I'm super proud of the young man you are becoming, and here are just some of the reasons you are a special boy:

  • You always have interesting facts to share -- random thoughts of things you wonder about, things you've learned at school, and trivia you have read. I love how your mind works!
  • You love everything about being a goalie -- the gear, the practices, and the game. I love to watch you play, even though I sometimes find it stressful. I'm super-proud of the physical and mental effort you put in.
  • You had your first (and hopefully last) broken bone. You were so sad to miss hockey… but you were tough. 😊
  • Crackers are your favourite food. You also love all dressed Crispers and Froot Roll Ups.
  • Playing with your brothers is your favourite activity, and I love seeing you playing in the yard, shooting hoops, and heading to the golf course together. You are definitely best buddies! (You love spending time with your friends and cousins too.)
  • You are smart and funny. You have a quirky sense of humour, and you aren't afraid to be silly. I love your dance moves -- especially "the gritty".
  • You enjoy all sports, but hockey is definitely your #1 -- though your love of golf is growing with every round.
  • You give the best cuddles and foot rubs, and your smile lights up your eyes.
You may be a teenager, but you'll always be my "baby". I love you to the moon and back!

Lots of love,

Mom xox

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