Summer Checklist 2022 🌞 50 Fun Activites for Families

I love summer, and one of my favourite summer traditions is creating a summer checklist with my boys. We make a list of 50 fantastic summer activities, we print out a copy of the list, and we use it as a blueprint for summer fun! Today, I'm sharing my 2022 summer checklist... including a FREE copy you can print for your own family. Fun, right?!?

Here are the items we have on this year's list:

1) Celebrate Canada Day

2) Watch fireworks or play with sparklers

3) Have an outdoor picnic or BBQ

4) Swim in a pool, at a lake, or in the ocean

5) Buy a meal from a food truck or local restaurant

6) Paint a rock and leave it on a trail for someone to find

7) Read a book outside

8) Have a water fight or NERF gun battle

9) Have a movie night outside or go to a drive in

10) Play a boardgame outside

11) Eat donuts from a string (with no hands)

12) Have a “one on one” date with mom (kid’s choice… under $20 & less than 2 hours)

13) Have a “one on one” date with dad (kid’s choice… under $20 & less than 2 hours)

14) Make a craft (design a t-shirt, personalize a water bottle or have a "paint night")

15) Learn a new dance move

16) Get ice cream in PJs (drive throughs are OK)

17) Play catch, basketball, tennis and street hockey

18) Make a homemade ice cream cake or milkshakes

19) Go for a bike ride

20) Decorate a cake or bake cookies

21) Spend time at a cottage, beach or park

22) Do a science experiment

23) Sing around a campfire

24) Go geo-caching

25) Have a "kids pick the meals" day

26) Play chocolate bar BINGO (like regular BINGO, but with chocolate bar prizes)

27) Play golf or mini golf

28) Do a “trick shot” or learn a magic trick

29) Try a new food or a new recipe

30) Have a theme day ("spend our gift cards" day is a fun one)

31) Camp at a campground, in the backyard or in the living room

32) Spend an afternoon in PJs, eating snacks, and watching a movie

33) Build a large puzzle

34) Make a video and post it on YouTube or Tik Tok

35) Fly a kite

36) Have a dance party or sing karaoke

37) Go on a scavenger hunt

38) Organize a drawer, closet or room

39) Play with water balloons

40) Do a good deed or raise money for charity

41) Go on a road trip to another city or town

42) Go on a hike or a short walk in the rain

43) Roast marshmallows, make s'mores or cook a different campfire treat

44) Write and mail a letter or postcard

45) Visit at least 5 different ice cream stands

46) Go stargazing

47) Celebrate Owen and Jack's birthdays

48) Go to PEI

49) Go to Toronto


To download a copy of the list for your family: click on the picture below, right-click, save it to your computer, and print it like a regular 8x10 photo

I also have a blank one you can print and add your own activities.

We put our summer checklist in a dollar store frame, and check off the items as we complete them.

Do you have a summer checklist / summer bucket list in your home? I hope our list inspires you to add a couple new things to your "to do" list this summer.

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

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