Organizing Kitchen Drawers... with CHEAP dollar store bins

Recently, I painted my lower kitchen cabinets. The process required me to empty my drawers, so it only made sense to take the opportunity to organize my drawers when I put them together. Today, I'm sharing my BEST tips and the DOLLAR STORE products I used. (I have a short video too!)

I had already organized my utensil drawer, but these four drawers (between my stove and refridgerator) were a mess!

The first step was to sort through the drawers and get rid of all the items I no longer used. Then, I figured out how I wanted to organize the items I had left, took some meaurements, and headed to the dollar store.

I used dollar store non-slip kitchen liner in all the drawers.

Then, I arranged dollar store bins in the drawers.

I put the items I use infrequently in the back, and the items I use most often in the front. I also focused on placing like items together.

This is my top drawer.

In the second drawer, I placed napkins, oven mitts, dish towels, etc..

I used the third drawer for baking supplies. Again, I focussed on using dollar store bins to put like items with like items.

Finally, I placed all my cookbooks in the bottom drawer. Easy peasy!

For a closer look at my organization hacks, take a look at this short (2 minute) video. And if you don't already, subscribe to my YouTube channel so that you don't miss out on any of my fantastic videos. 😀

Are your drawers in need of a bit of organizating? I hope you find these tips helpful. Have fun!

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

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