{simple} Felt Elf Boot Ornament

Every year I make simple felt ornaments to send to my family and friends. I always come up with an easy design, so I can mail the ornaments with Christmas cards. This year, I made adorable elf boot ornaments, and today I'm sharing the step-by-step instructions.

To make a simple felt elf boot ornament:

1) Cut two elf boot shapes from patterned felt and two "stocking tops" from green felt. Then, cut a piece of white yarn to use as a hanger.

2) Sew the yarn to the top of one of the "boot" pieces.

3) Stitch the front and back of the boots together.

4) Sew the green tops to the boots.

The result is an adorable and whimsical tree ornament.

I made a bunch of them, and sent them out with my Christmas cards. Cute, right?

It's a lot of work to make so many ornaments each year, but it is one of my favourite traditions. I hope my friends and family enjoy their fun "elf boot" ornaments this year... and I hope you make one for your tree!

 (aka East Coast Mommy)

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