{simple} Christmas Class Treats... no baking required

Tomorrow is my boys' last day of school, and they love to bring little Christmas treats for their classmates. This year, my middle son is bringing a fun photo treat, and my youngest is bringing a bag of goodies. Check them out below!

To make the fun photo card/treat, I took a picture of my son holding a fist to the side. Then, I added a Christmas greeting using Picmonkey.com.

Then, I used an x-Acto knife to cut slits above and below my son's fist and inserted a candy cane. (You could also use a pencil or a tree ornament if you prefer a candy free option.) 

I love how cute and personal these treats are, don't you?

My youngest son isn't allowed to bring food to school, so he opted for little tree ornaments in gift bags. I added a fun photo tag that I created in PicMonkey, and the result is super-cute!

Are your kids sharing treats with their friends this year? These options are simple and fun!

 (aka East Coast Mommy)


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