Memorial Ornaments

In October, I lost my beloved grandfather, and my boys lost their great grandfather. He was very special to my whole family, and with Christmas coming, I wanted to find a way to incorporate his memory into our celebrations. So, I thought I would make the members of my family "memorial ornaments".

I took a blanket that belonged to my grandfather, and I used it to make the wings on bird ornaments. I sewed felt pieces together, added the heart-shaped wing, and used fabric paint to make an eye.

I love how this little ornament turned out, don't you? I can't wait to hang it on my tree each year.

I'm mailing the rest of them out (to my family members) with my Christmas cards.

With each card, I sent a little note that said, "The wing of this bird is made from Grampie's blanket. I hope you hang it proudly on your Christmas tree, and that it reminds you of his kindness and loving heart.

It was a lot of work to sew all these ornaments, but I hope that they will bring a little comfort to those I love during this difficult holiday season. And, perhaps one of my readers will be inspired to make memorial ornaments in memory of someone they loved as much as I loved my Grampie.

UPDATE: In 2018, my Grampie's lovely war bride passed away... so in 2019, I made ornaments in her memory for my family members. She was a English lady who loved a cup of tea, so I made this felt ornament (using her favourite quilt to make a heart in the centre of the tea cup). She was the centre of our loving family, so I thought it was fitting. RIP Nanny. 

 (aka East Coast Mommy)

PS (You can make them for animals too. I made this one for my sister when she lost her beloved cat. It's obviously not made from clothing, but I think the heart button symbolizes her love for her kitty.)

PPS (If you aren't crafty, you can order them from my shop here.)


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