St.Patrick's Day Yarn Ornaments

Holiday crafts are so much fun, and the two I am sharing with you today are super-cute and easy to make. They use yarn and dollar store supplies, and are perfect for kids and adults. Check out the adorable St.Patrick's Day crafts below.

The first craft is a green yarn hat ornament. Trust me, when you start making these hats, you are going to be totally addicted. 😄

1) Cut a 1 cm slice from an empty toilet roll. Then, cut approximately 35 strands of yarn (30cm in length). Note: You may need more or less yarn. It will depend on the weight/thickness of the yarn.

2) Loop all the strands (one at a time) through the cardboard roll and pull tight. Continue until the entire cardboard piece is covered.

3) Push all the yarn down through the centre of the roll to create a hat "brim", and tie the top of the hat (about an inch from the top) with a piece of matching yarn. Tie a loop (at the top of the piece of yarn used to tie the top of the hat) to create a hanger for the ornament.

4) Trim the top of the hat to make a pom pom, and use hot glue to attach a felt shamrock to the front of the yarn hat.

You can display the leprechaun hat as it is, or you can make a pom pom and transform it into a St.Patrick's Day gnome.

To make the St.Patrick's Day gnome:

You'll need to make the hat (above), and then you'll need to make a pom pom for the beard. You can find a video explaining how to make pom poms here.

1) Wrap yarn around your hand approximately 60 times (or more if the yarn is a lighter weight/thinkness).

2) Carefully remove the yarn from your hand and tie a piece of yarn tightly around the centre.

3) Cut the loops with sharp scissors, and trim the pom pom until it is round and fluffy.

4) Then, assemble the ornament. Use hot glue to attach the hat to the handmade pom pom.

5) Use hot glue to attach the pom pom nose.

Cute, right?!? You can hang them anywhere, or set them on a shelf. I have a bunch around my house, but I especially love them hanging from this little white tree.

Check out this video for another way to learn how to do this simple craft.

This really is the perfect craft project for St. Patrick's Day. It fun for kids, and adults will love it too!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

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