11 Birthday Traditions {you are going to want to try with your kids}

My oldest will be turning 11 this month, so in honour of his birthday, I thought I would share 11 birthday traditions that you are definitely going to want to check out. Some ideas are mine, and some are ones I have heard/read about... and they are all simple, fantastic and fun.  Take a read through these 11 Birthday traditions, and choose the ones you love best!

1) Serve candy for breakfast - Can you think of a better way to start the day? My sister-in-law serves her kids a tray of candy in bed on their special day every year, and they love it. I think candy for breakfast is a super-fun birthday tradition.

2) Make birthday pancakes - Pancakes are the birthday breakfast of choice for my boys. I make birthday pancakes in the shape of their age, and I serve them with milk in a wine glass. It's a simple idea, but it starts the day in a special way.

3) Write a birthday letter - Every year, I write my boys letters on their birthdays. The letters are a "snapshot" of my boys' likes/dislikes/personalities. Writing birthday letters to my boys is my favorite birthday tradition. You can find an example here.

4) Decorate while the kids are asleep - Waking up to fun decorations on your birthday is an exciting way to start the day. Decorate a special chair, hang streamers, or fill a room with balloons. 
5) Bake a special cake - I always like to bake my boys a special cake on their birthdays. I am not a pro, but I know they appreciate the effort. Check out this Jake and the Neverland Pirates cakes I made for my youngest son on his 5th birthday. Cute, right? You may also be able to find some inspiration on my DIY Cakes Pinterest board.

Another option is to let siblings make birthday cakes. They aren't fancy, but they are made with love.

Simple cupcake parfaits are another super-easy option.

6) Host a fun DIY birthday party - Kids love hosting their friends on their birthdays. Focussing on unique DIY details will make it extra special. You can check out some of my favorite DIY parties here

7) Let the birthday boy/girl choose the meals - Picking the meals on their birthday is fun for kids. Kids can choose to eat out at a restaurant or they might prefer to stay at home and enjoy their favorite homemade meal.

8) Have the birthday boy/girl wear a special birthday shirt - It's always fun to let the world know it's your birthday with a special birthday shirt. In the past, my boys have made their own shirts, and I have created shirts to go with the theme of their parties. 

9) Set up a birthday scavenger hunt - Instead of just giving the birthday boy/girl their birthday gift, send him/her on a scavenger hunt to find it. It's a simple idea, but it adds a little bit of anticipation and fun to the occasion.
10) Have a "yes" day - I've never been brave enough to do this, but I have read about parents that let their kids have a "yes day" on their birthdays. The idea is to say "yes" to everything the birthday boy/girl wants to do on his/her birthday. I think (with a few parameters in place), this could be a lot of fun!
11) Play Hooky - A good friend of mine has a tradition of "playing hooky" with her kids on their birthdays. I love the idea of a special day filled with one-on-one time, fun activities, and special treats. 

Does your family have special birthday traditions? Did your favourite make my list?

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

PS - Find more party planning ideas here.


  1. High 5's going out to your Nov Baby!! November is the best month for birthdays!! :)

    1. It's not a good "hockey birthday" (per my son), but I don't think it's too bad. lol

  2. It's my daughter's 10th today! Making waffles for breakfast, birthday banner hung (fabric one made by Gran), she's chosen to order in Thai tonight for dinner. Have a cute pair of birthday socks waiting for her to open & wear today.

    1. Have a great birthday with your daughter. The birthday socks sound cute! It's the little things (like birthday socks) that make the day so special!


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